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Joanna Newsom’s long wavy hair forever and ever and ever.

Perfect gunne, imperfect price.

I am in Toronto this week for top secret teacher duties that leave me exhausted by the end of the day. The National happen to also be in the city and I am dying to go, but I dont know if I can justify spending the money. I can never justify the money.

Stephan and I were approved by the u.s. government, which means I am officially allowed to apply for a visa. When I got the email late, late last night I had to run to the bathroom in my shared hotel room to do a little dance.

Ever since, I have been dreaming about life in Ann Arbor and how cozy our apartment will be and how this is a fresh start full of possibility. I am so in love and so full of hope and happiness and gratitude for the way my life is turning out.

When Stephan and I first met, I drew him a picture for his birthday. Two years later, it needed an update. ♥
garden fever sets in

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Johanna Ost is an amazing human creature whose life I have been following on the internet since I was a teenager.
Her blog is here: